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IRS Tax Liens - Stop IRS Collections Now!

The IRS or other state taxing authority can make your life miserable by filing a federal tax lien against you.

If you've been threatened with an IRS tax lien, levy, seizure or the denial or termination of an installment agreement, let us represent you and put end to your IRS problems! We can help you file an IRS Collection Appeal to stop an IRS levy or seizure.

Stop IRS tax liens, levies or seizures. Get help from us to relief your IRS levy today!

While the IRS is more determined than ever to enforce collection activity for back taxes owed, you can get professional tax help appealing intrusive IRS collection tactics like liens or levies and permanently settle your tax debt. However, it's important that you act quickly once you receive your collection notice to avoid harsh IRS levies and tax liens.

However, if there's a levy already filed on your bank accounts or your assets, we can help you file an IRS collection appeal to remove your tax lien.

• Federal Tax Liens are public records that indicate you owe the IRS various taxes and you need tax relief.

• They are filed with the County Clerk in the county from which you or your business operates.

• Because they are public records they show up on your credit report.

• This often makes it difficult or impossible for a taxpayer to obtain financing on an automobile or a home.

• Federal Tax Liens also can tie up your personal property and real estate.

• Once a Federal Tax Lien is filed against your property you cannot sell or transfer the property without a clear title.

• Liens can only be Released, Discharged, Subordinated or Removed.

• A Release of lien occurs after the underlying tax liability has been satisfied in full, via a monthly payment plan or by paying it outright in a lump sum, or via an accepted and paid Offer in Compromise. Most Liens are generally self-releasing after 10 years, if they are not re-filed by the IRS for another 10 years.

• A Certificate of Discharge of a lien is generally used when selling real property and the IRS normally is paid in full with the sale proceeds.

• A Certificate of Lien Subordination is generally used in re-financing real property, allowing the re-financing of the property transaction to occur under certain situations.

• The IRS will only consider the removal of a lien in rare cases where they admit they made an error by filing the Notice of Federal Tax Lien in the first place.

• Often taxpayers find themselves in a Catch-22 under IRS liens where they have property that they would like to borrow against, but because of the Federal Tax Lien, they cannot get a loan.

• Tax Resolution Services experts and tax attorneys specialize in assisting clients in having their federal tax lien issues resolved once and for all.

Call 866-IRS-Problems to get a free Tax Consultation and IRS Help from one of our experienced tax consultants. For more information, check out our Frequently Asked Questions and IRS Guidelines for IRS Liens.

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*Estimates based on prior results; individual results will vary based on circumstances, including your ability to provide Tax Defense Partners™, with information that is accurate and timely. Resolution/settlement percentages exclude our fees. We do not guarantee that your tax liability will be lowered by a specific amount or percentage or that your tax liability will be paid off within a specific period of time. We do not assume any tax liability, make monthly payments to the IRS/State on your behalf or provide tax planning, bankruptcy, accounting or legal advice. Read and understand all service offerings prior to retaining TDP, including potential adverse impact on credit rating. Tax Defense Partners™. will offer possible solutions to a prospective client following the information gathered during the initial consultation. While solutions will be offered to client, there is no guarantee of results implied or otherwise.

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TDP is the only national tax resolution firm comprised of experienced attorneys, CPAs, and tax relief professionals practicing as Tax Resolution Specialists certified by the American Society of Tax Problem Solvers (ASTPS). This is what makes us uniquely qualified to successfully solve IRS problems day in and day out. Our licensed professionals (every attorney, CPA and enrolled agent) must meet educational, experience and examination requirements prescribed by the ASTPS, a national, not-for-profit professional organization. The ASTPS certification applies only to tax relief professionals who are a CPA, attorney, or enrolled agent in good standing with the respective state that licenses/regulates him/her.

If you owe back taxes or are plagued by other IRS tax problems, we encourage you to get professional tax help from our team of attorneys, CPAs or tax relief professionals because you need Certified Tax Resolution Specialists in your corner when battling the IRS.