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IRS Collection Appeals - Stop an IRS Levy or Seizure

The Collection Appeal is an appeal by a taxpayer that has been threatened with an IRS levy, lien, seizure or the denial or termination of an installment agreement. This threat could have been received either verbally or in writing.

• The IRS allows you to file a Collection Appeal in these situations before they follow through on their levy or seizure.

• The Collection Appeal is filed on a one page form where the taxpayer is given the opportunity to explain how they think the situation could be solved without the IRS levy or seizure.

Your Appeal is assigned to an Appeals Officer who is required to make a decision on your Appeal within five days.

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"TDP is totally responsive, helpful, reassuring, realistic, professional and accessible. I was originally concerned about the West Coast- East Coast distance between us, but TDP made it seamless. It worked out fine. When I started out with TDP, the IRS had billed me over $156,000- and after many previous years of unemployment, elimination of all savings & high accumulation of debt and unpaid property taxes - I had no way to pay the IRS. Your intervention bought me time - and now an indescribable crushing burden has been lifted from my back."

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