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Investment Fraud Representation

Section 165 Representation

If you think you are a victim of a fraudulent investment scheme ("Ponzi" Scheme), where you have lost all or most of your investment, you may be eligible to take advantage the United States Tax Code (law) and recoup 30% to 40% of your losses under Internal Revenue Code Section 165 treatment.

Let us help you maximize your tax benefits from this IRS tax code to recover your losses and regain your financial welfare. We handle IRS cases for victims of investment fraud including those scammed by Madoff's Ponzi scheme. We can help you recoup your losses by filing tax theft loss deductions.

Most victims of these types of white collar crimes can convert their capital stock losses into "ordinary" losses and offset them against prior, current and future ordinary taxable income, thereby reducing the taxes paid in those years, and receiving a refund with interest.

The process generally involves amending prior years tax returns. Our services, called "Section 165 Representation" (named after the Internal Revenue Code, Section 165, which allows this procedure), is a highly technical, time consuming and complex process that could prove invaluable to those who've sustained major investment losses due to fraud and white collar crime.

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