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Freedom of Information Act - Requesting IRS

Many taxpayers just want to know what type of information is in their IRS file without fear of drawing attention to themselves. Congress passed legislation (FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT) that requires government agencies, including the IRS, to disclose such information when requested.

• Freedom of Information documents can also be used to explain why, how, when and where a taxpayer's IRS problems started.

• Having this information is helpful as it discloses the IRS information used to assess taxes, penalties and interest against the taxpayer.

• Any taxpayer having difficulty in sorting out what the IRS is doing to them should consider using the FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT to obtain their IRS files.

• Often the information you receive can help the taxpayer better understand their IRS problems.

If you are feeling the burden of your IRS problems and don't know where to start, Tax Resolution Specialists can help you request your IRS records. Call us NOW for a FREE CONSULTATION at 1-866-IRS-PROBLEMS.


Client's Total Liability: $6,878,404
Settlement: $0
Savings: $6,878,404 (100%)

"I want to say Thank You!!! for doing what you said you would do - the tax problems which have plagued me for so long are gone. You have given me my life back.

My situation was different than most, as my tax problems arose from a failed business. The tax burden was crushing, causing me many sleepless nights over the past 20 years. The amount I owed to the IRS was over $6,878,000. Due to your expertise and tireless efforts, the entire amount was forgiven."

-Eldad L.

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