Will You Need Tax Relief? IRS Focuses on Offshore Tax Evasion – Wealthy Individuals, International and Multinational Corporations Under Scrutiny

After news broke last fall that the Swiss Bank, UBS was under attack for hosting undeclared, offshore accounts and holding seminars educating Americans on “overseas tax reduction strategies”, the Internal Revenue Service has now devoted a specific department focusing on individuals worth $10 million or more in assets, Multinational and International corporations participating in transfer pricing among other avenues potentially evading millions of U.S. tax dollars every year.  Anyone that believes they might owe back taxes for undeclared, offshore accounts or believes they might need tax relief after meddling with what the IRS has set out to discover will require immediate tax help to avoid possible prosecution and extreme penalties!

The New York Times recently released an article discussing the “I.R.S. Shift To Combat Tax Evasion”.  They discuss the specific increase in examiners assigned to the new department honing in on these large corporations and individuals who have been taking advantage of the gray areas of the tax code.  In addition, this new focus will be determining whether international banks will be complying with the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, which will require them to disclose all undeclared, offshore accounts or they will withhold 35% on the accounts!

If there is a chance you may require tax relief, call us today or visit us online and get the help you need from professionals with experience and expertise with offshore tax-evasion defense.  We will take over all communication with the IRS, make the required disclosures, file FBAR reports, and alleviate your risk of spending the next 5 to 10 years in prison.  FBAR tax penalties can burden you with as much as 200-300 percent of the asset value of the offshore account!

You can also read more about what you can do to reduce severe  FBAR penalties.

Do not wait for the IRS to come after you, we will help you resolve your IRS. problems before it’s too late.  With a tax relief success rate of 90%, we are second to none in the industry and an Offer in Compromise (OIC) Settlement Rate of $0.106 on the Dollar!

If you are someone who believes you or your company might be a potential victim of the IRS’s new focus, our team of expert tax attorneys, CPAs and Certified Tax Resolution Specialists are waiting to assist you.  Get ahead of the game, contact our team and get the expert representation and advice you require!  As the leading offshore tax evasion defense firm, you can rely on our expertise to assess and handle your needs before they escalate.

For help resolving IRS problems related to undisclosed foreign funds, call our office at (888) 699-7630 for a free, no-risk tax resolution consultation or visit www.taxresolution.com.

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