Why the IRS Picks on Small Businesses and How to Avoid Triggering an Audit

I was recently interviewed by Business Pundit blogger Lela Davidson. She asked me lots of great questions about small business taxes and how to avoid being an IRS target. I provided her with insight into important tax issues facing new businesses and how to avoid the big mistakes that many small business owners make.

There are many things small businesses can do to avoid getting audited. But if you still find yourself in trouble with the IRS, you are going to need help from expert tax resolution professionals who can help you solve your tax problems.

Read the full article here: “How to Resolve a Tax Audit.”

If you are in trouble with the IRS, our specialized staff of attorneys, CPAs, EAs and tax professionals can help. Visit the Tax Resolution Services web site  for a free tax relief consultation or call us at 866-477-7762.

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