What You Must Know About Working with the IRS to Solve Your Tax Problems

Michael Rozrbruch Talks About Providing Emergency Room Services for  Individuals and Small Businesses with IRS Tax Problems

Michael Rozrbruch Talks About Providing "Emergency Room" Services for Individuals and Small Businesses with IRS Tax Problems (click to view)

I was recently the guest tax expert on the BigBiz Show with Russ and Sully earlier this month. I love these guys – they’re hilarious. Plus, I found out that I’m apparently the only guest they’ve had on the show twice!  Listen to the full interview or catch some of the highlights below.

Last time I was on the BigBiz Show, we talked about what people can do if they are behind on their taxes or haven’t filed in a few years.

This time, it was especially great to go on the show and talk about what I do since this has been a rough tax season for so many Americans. As one of the nation’s leading tax experts, I help solve individual and small business IRS problems. I help folks with tax problems – people who have delinquent tax returns or a big huge IRS bill.

We’re essentially an emergency room for people that have tax problems.

We help people who have collection-related matters, bank levies, tax liens, people who are having their wages garnished. Additionally,  we do a lot of audit representation for people who are being audited.

So if you get that scary letter from the IRS,  you don’t need to stay home in a fetal position with the gas turned on because I will go to the IRS for you!

Know that if you try to represent yourself before the IRS, you can end up pretty much screwed.

It’s important to keep in mind that when you work with the IRS that their agents often don’t have the proper training to provide you with the tax help that you need. So you’re essentially putting your financial fate in the hands of people that have GED high school equivalency degrees if you’re lucky.

When you make that call to the IRS 1-800 number, you’re most likely trying to get tax advice from someone who’s making $9.75-10.25 an hour! It’s unbelievable, they don’t know the law. They don’t know their own rules. So our job at Tax Resolution Services is to make sure that they adhere to their own rules.

As Russ pointed out, if you are considering calling the IRS ,you might as well ask the guy at the drive-thru window next time for tax advice!

You could call the IRS, ask them a question and be given the wrong answer by one of their reps. This means that your phone call to the IRS could end up costing you even more money down the road!

It’s a fact that 43% of the information you get over the phone from the IRS is incorrect.

Sully asked a great question: So if the IRS rep on the phone ways “it’s going to be okay” – there’s a 43% chance that it’s not going to be okay?

This is correct!

My best advice, if you do end up on the phone with the IRS, is to take down their name and their extension number so you have a record of who you’re talking to.

A lot of them don’t give you their name, they don’t give you their badge number. Those are the ones you’ll really have to watch out for.

Or you can do the smart thing and get expert help from the nation’s leading tax negotiation and mediation firm!  Call us at 1-866-IRS-PROBLEMS for a free tax consultation.

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