How to Hire the Right Tax Resolution Firm

This week’s Tax Spotlight video explains what taxpayers need to do before they hire IRS tax resolution firm. For those seeking tax relief, this information is important because you many choices in the marketplace, however, not all of them are good.

Since I began work in the tax resolution industry (in 1998), I have seen a rise (and fall) by some dishonest firms whose sole purpose is to mislead and deceive vulnerable taxpayers.  Not all tax resolution firms are created equal – you just need to know how to hire the right firm.

Before you hire an expert in tax resolution, make sure they really are experts.  How?  Start with these two things: 1) who they are, and 2) that they are capable of properly resolving your tax problems for good. Below the video are easy to use tax help tips to find the best tax resolution firm for you:

Do your homework and research the company online before you hire them to take your case. You can discover a lot – both good and bad and will be worth the effort. Here’s how to start:

  • Go to the company website and make sure the firm proudly displays the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and TrustLink icons on their homepage. (Avoid companies with no relationship to the BBB) Click on those icons and look for the following :
    • Their rating (avoid firms that have a lower than B rating).  Look not just at grade but the total number of reviews. Some A reviews only have a handful of reviews vs firms with thousands of reviews and A- or B rating.
    • See  how long has the company been in business.
    • Check out who the owners are.  Are they visible on the website?  What are their credentials?  Google them!
    • Make sure there is a list with the names of their tax attorney’s, CPA’s and the Enrolled Agents (EA).
    • Examine all Trustlink Reviews paying attention to how the company deals with conflict resolution. Make sure a company’s high star rating is from more than just a few reviews.
    • Consider companies that are older than 2-3 years. It takes this long for a company to have a BBB track record with regards to complaints. NOTE: Some firms may have an A+ rating but have not settled many cases. (Tax Resolution Services has settled over 12 thousand IRS problem cases since 1998 and have saved clients over $85 million.)
    • Check out the company on or for complaints. Review any complaints keeping an eye on how the company handled any conflict resolution.
    • Don’t be Penny Wise and Dollar Foolish! Trying to save a few bucks could cost you in the long run. Instead, be upfront and ask the company if there are hidden fees, upsells or upcharges either now or in the future. Understand what the costs will be from start to finish including the appeal process before you sign a retainer agreement. BEWARE: Some firms quote a low fee to hook clients then in a few months ask for more money.
    • Make sure all the professionals handling your case are licensed attorneys, CPA’s and Enrolled Agents who are additionally designated as certified tax resolution specialists.
    • Google the tax resolution firm’s name and the owners of the company and include “scam” or “rip-off” in the search title. You should be able to flush out helpful information.

Use this information to practice on our company, Tax Resolution Services to see how we rate!

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