Texas Woman Evades Taxes and Gets Prison Time – Options Like IRS Payment Plan Can Help Ease Tax Burden

Perhaps people evade taxes because they feel like they cannot afford to pay their taxes – especially those who are independent contractors and receive wages without tax deductions.  The IRS will work with you, if you are willing to work with them.  One example is the IRS Installment Agreement, also known as an IRS Payment Plan, where you can pay your tax liabilities over time.  If you choose to go the alternate route, evading taxes, you will end up like Donna Nelson in the article below. 

Donna J. Nelson, 47, of Sulphur Springs, Texas, has been sentenced one year and a day in prison for tax crimes. According to information presented in court, Nelson admitted to filing a false federal tax return for tax years 2002 to 2006. During that time, she under reported her adjusted gross annual income by a total of $479,781.36, representing additional taxes owed of $135,171.24.

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