TaxMan Episode Highlights Payroll Tax Resolution Case

If you are facing IRS tax issues, you may think your seemingly insurmountable IRS problems can never be resolved. But what you don’t realize is that others, often with similar situations and anxieties to yours, have successfully resolved theirs and are sharing their stories.

In a recent episode of the national network television show, TaxMan, I interviewed a former client and business owner, Stuart, who was blindsided by an IRS letter stating they were collecting past due payroll taxes to the tune of over $100 thousand dollars! Stuart’s success story should serves as a reminder for anyone who may be too scared of their IRS problems to get help; there is a solution to every problem. Below the video are some tax relief tips from Stuart’s case that can help get you on a path to resolution:

Stuart’s case demonstrates why the IRS is known as the most brutal collection agency on the planet, specifically when it comes to payroll tax issues and the Trust Fund Recovery.

In Start’s case, payroll tax collection began at the corporate or partnership level, but Stuart did not handle taxes for the business so was unaware of any payroll tax debt. Because the IRS places a higher priority on payroll tax collection, the IRS used its authority to attempt the following action:

  • Pierce the corporate veil to recover the funds (payroll tax withholding’s) that are lying in trust by the business until they are paid quarterly to the IRS. Stuart’s partner became delinquent with payroll tax payments over seven quarters.
  • The Trust Fund Recovery allows the IRS to go after all partners including minority owners like Stuart to collect from him personally. There would no longer be a corporate shield to protect his personal assets.

That fact alone was enough to cause Stuart to act. If you have received intimidating correspondence from the IRS, the following tax help tips can point you in the right direction of how to best resolve your IRS tax debt:

Open up all IRS correspondence and read it-immediately! Even though Stuart was overwhelmed by the correspondence, taking that information to his attorney in a timely manner worked to his advantage because it demonstrated his good faith effort to resolve his IRS tax issue without wasting precious time.

Contact a Qualified Tax Professional to Handle your Case – Stuart’s attorney recommended Tax Resolution Services, Co. because he realized he was out of his league and didn’t have the expertise to represent him with this tax matter. In cases such as Stuart’s, it’s best to consult a certified tax resolution specialist or tax attorney who have experience handling IRS tax cases on a daily basis. This is not a place for rookies.

We are able to settle cases like Stuart’s and help clients move from fear to resolution because we are experts at what we do. It’s important if you need IRS relief to contact IRS problems solvers like us at Tax Resolution Services (888) 699-7630 for a free no-risk consultation. You have nothing to lose except maybe your tax debt worries.

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