Tax Resolution Tip for Home-Based Businesses

Today’s Tax Resolution Tip:

Do you own a home-based business? Ensure you can easily track your expenses by saving a copy of each and every business transaction and deduction!

While good record keeping is a great practice when it comes to filing taxes, it is all the more important if you own a small home-based business. If the IRS decide to audit your business you need to show proof of every deduction and expense you’ve claimed.

Make your life easier and be audit-savvy!

For more information on IRS tax audits, including how to avoid them and survive an IRS audit letter, visit our audit FAQ page.

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  1. Tax Attorney Resources and Tips to Help Resolve IRS Tax Problems Says:

    [...] Home-based businesses – protect your business against an IRS audit by tracking your expenses. Save a copy of all business transactions and deductions! And if the IRS decide to audit your business, you can show proof of every deduction and expense you’ve claimed. [...]

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