Tax Resolution Services-The Story of Michael Rozbruch

This episode of the national network television show, TaxMan highlights the story of yours truly, Michael Rozbruch. I thought consumers out there should get to know me a little bit and understand my background. I also wanted to convey my reasons for wanting to resolve people’s tax problems and why I started Tax Resolution Services, Co. fifteen years ago and have never looked back. (Below the video are some main points of my story):

It all started in Brooklyn in 1955

My father, a Holocaust survivor made an indelible impression on me, particularly with his skills of negotiation. (This article written a few years back, explains in more detail how my father helped shape my negotiating skills early on). I remember that whatever my father wanted to purchase, whether it was a suit, shoes or a car, the list price meant nothing to him. He always asked for a better price and would keep asking until he got the price he wanted.  That kind of determination really stuck with me and it’s why I am successful in IRS negotiations to this day.

Getting Tax Relief for People in Need

These skills for negotiation along with my desire to fight for the client, has enabled me to help people get out from underneath their tax problems. Before doing tax resolution, I worked for 18 years in the corporate world of finance and taxation. What I have learned in these last 15 years is that sometimes bad things happen to good people often through no fault of their own.

These same people try to deal with the IRS on their own but end up fighting a losing battle. One of the stories I hear on a daily basis is about  folks trying to do the right thing and pay their tax debt by raiding their 401K. Sadly, what happens is that they get even further behind and paying more in the long run. People should not be penalized for their mistakes.

Understanding IRS Procedures to Plan Strategy

IRS does not take into consideration their human circumstances, so I understood early on these people would need a determined, qualified tax professional on their side willing to go up against the IRS and tax authorities to advocate their case.

We shield clients from the IRS stress. I like to say we are the “emergency room for people with tax problems.” First, we assess their financial situation then take action like getting levies released and taxes filed then negotiate the best IRS payment plan possible.

In order to get a financial win, we go to great lengths to assess each person’s tax problem before we agree to take them as a client. Taking these extra steps puts us in a good position to negotiate the best IRS tax settlement for our client. We turn away many cases where we know there is a high likelihood of solving and where the people are in trouble through no fault of their own.

Because we know how the IRS functions and “who” at the IRS to talk to, our cases typically move to the appellate level. It’s there where there are seasoned IRS employees whose mission is to settle (nearly 85% do) and compromise. I always say a good compromise in anything is when every side goes away hurting just a bit. That’s what we strive for.

Getting a Second Chance with Tax Resolution

I believe people deserve a second chance with their financial life and always wanted to fight for what’s right. I believe that when we help people resolve their tax debt issues and get their financial lives back on track, we are really giving them a new lease on life.

Being able to do this is the most self-rewarding work I have ever done. I tell the employees: if you just do the right thing, you will be able to sleep at night. These clients are usually not sleeping at night because their IRS issues make them worry. When we can take that worry from them and make it go away, it’s so satisfying to know their life is about to get so much better.

This is why I love doing what I do.

Article source:

Connections – “Michael Rozbruch: Everything’s Up for Grabs; Even Non-Negotiables”

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