Tax Resolution Services Success Story – Client Saves $30k

Sharing client success stories is important because it shows that IRS tax problems can happen to anyone including hard-working honest people, often through no fault of their own.

A new video clip on The Blaze TV highlights a viewer who called Tax Resolution Services, Co. (TRS) after hearing Host Glenn Beck talk about client success stories on his program. This viewer owed more than $33,000 in back taxes but TRS was able to get him an offer-in-compromise of $2,700. (Below the video is more information on resolving your tax issues today):

Stories like these demonstrate there’s a solution to every tax problem with the right tax representation. Don’t hide from the IRS because you think you can’t afford tax relief!

If you owe IRS back taxes, have unfiled tax returns or you’re under audit that has you up against the IRS, Tax Resolution Services, Co. can help – we have been helping taxpayers resolve their tax problems for 15 years.

Call 1-866-IRS-PROBLEMS or visit for a free no-risk consultation to find out what your options are. You’ve got nothing to lose and may be pleasantly surprised.

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