Tax Resolution Services Expands Online Offerings to Educate the Public and Enhance Customer Service

I was recently interviewed by Thom Senzee for the San Fernando Valley Business Journal.  We talked about companies that utilize online technologies like webinars and online video to reach customers and educated the public.

In addition to this blog, I Twitter (@taxresolution), author tax help articles, and use YouTube to share helpful income tax relief videos. We use these online channels to educate users on some lesser known facts about tax liability.

For instance many people (even most layers) don’t know that income tax is eligible to be discharged in Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Knowing the tax laws inside and out is even more important these days as many people are struggling to find ways to get out of tax debt.

To benefit from the Bankruptcy laws and avoid paying income taxes, the taxpayer’s income tax liabilities must qualify. Therefore, it is highly recommended that the taxpayer seek out experienced tax professionals that specializes in tax bankruptcy.

It was interesting because Thom ask me if I ever worry about giving away too much information on my quest to educated taxpayers of their tax debt options.

The answer is never. While I’m passionate about educating the public, I also know that the tax code is very complicated and technical, so the taxpayer who is being targeted by the IRS  will still need our services to resolve their tax problems.

Here’s a video that talks about our average client who has 4-11 years of unfiled tax returns and how the IRS can take everything you own if you are in tax trouble.

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