Tax Resolution Services Co. Client Saves Nearly $40,000

Roughly 210 million IRS notices will go out this year alone to taxpayers. Many of the recipients already know they have IRS tax debt, and the notice only confirms their worst fears: they are deep in tax debt to Uncle Sam and don’t know where to turn.

Fortunately, we can provide tax relief for taxpayers who find themselves stuck in that situation with the IRS. We recently received a testimonial from a satisfied client named Barbara who, before she came to us, faced the same IRS nightmare many notice recipients face: she owed the IRS $40,000 in back tax debt. The following is Barbara’s story that has a happy ending:

“I received an IRS notice confirming what I already knew–my IRS tax debt totaled $40,000. I knew I needed to take care of this but didn’t know who to trust. I heard an ad for Tax Resolution Services, Co., (TRS) and gave them a call. I was so emotional on that first phone call, I burst into tears while explaining my predicament. I know these guys at TRS hear stories like mine all the time. Fast forward to May of this last year, and I cried for a second time to TRS when they informed me the IRS accepted my Offer in Compromise and that all I owed was a whopping sum of $582 dollars. The most recent letter from the IRS just a couple weeks ago was a much better one – it confirmed that I had complied with everything and they were removing the tax lien hanging over my head. This IRS tax issue is gone now forever.” ~Barbara

While Barbara knew she had to take care of her huge debt burden, she was skeptical of who to trust. When it comes to resolving tax problems, not all tax firms or individuals are created equal – some are out there making false promises. As a result, struggling taxpayers will want to check out the credentials of the tax resolution specialist they are entrusting their financial matters to. Here are three simple steps to identify who is qualified to handle your tax resolution case:

  • Google Your Tax Resolution Specialist to Check out Their Credentials –Make sure all the professionals are licensed attorneys, CPA’s and Enrolled Agents additionally designated as certified tax resolution specialists. They understand the IRS complexities, protocols and procedures.
  • Review the Website of your Tax Resolution Specialist – Only consider a company who displays the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and TrustLink icons on their homepage. Also, avoid firms that have a lower than B rating and that are younger than 2-3 years.
  • Don’t be Penny Wise and Pound Foolish When Choosing a Tax Resolution Specialist – Resolving your IRS tax issue is not the place to bargain shop. Understand the costs associated with your case from start to finish including appeals before ever signing a retainer agreement.

We have been helped good people like Barbara for over 15 years. Contact us at Tax Resolution Services, Co. for a free no-risk consultation at 866-IRS-PROBLEMS to discuss a solution to your tax debt issue. You have nothing to lose except perhaps your nagging tax problem.

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