Tax Resolution Services Co. Client Saved $80,000

On the run up to tax day, I will continue posting client success stories and testimonials. The purpose is to remind taxpayers with IRS tax debt issues they are not alone. Often through these client’ stories, which may be similar to their own, struggling taxpayers will be inspired to take the first steps and get tax help.

It’s rewarding when we get the best IRS tax settlement for our clients that helps them get their life back on track. It’s an added bonus when those same clients give us great feedback about the services we provide. The following is a client testimonial we recently received:

“We had a big challenge with our taxes and were very stressed out. We didn’t have the time, patience, or know-how to deal with it on our own. We heard about Tax Resolution Services, Co. so we gave them a call. They totally took it out of our hands. They handled both the state and the IRS we were able to get $80,000 of debt wiped out and the penalty abatement department even got us a refund of $5,000. Now we can move forward with this problem behind us.” ~Anne S.

Sometimes good people fall victim to bad circumstances and end up with IRS tax problems. If this is your situation and you owe more than $20,000 in back taxes or you didn’t file previous returns or are under audit; don’t panic – there is help for your tax issues but it’s important you act now!

Contact us at Tax Resolution Services for a free no-risk consultation to find out what your options are. We have been helping people like Anne for over 15 years. You’ve got nothing to lose and may be pleasantly surprised.

Tax Resolution Services, Co. at 866-IRS-PROBLEMS or

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