Tax Resolution Services Client Gets Holiday Tax Relief

My firm, Tax Resolution Services, Co., (TRS) has provided tax relief services for over fourteen years to taxpayers who badly need tax help. It is rewarding to help negotiate the best IRS settlement for our clients that resolves their nagging tax problem for good. It’s doubly rewarding to get such positive feedback from clients about how much they appreciate the services we provide. The following is a recent client testimonial:

Thank you Tim & TRS!  A savings of 97% tops it all. On the day before Thanksgiving this year, Attorney Tim Fuller called me at work and told me the IRS had accepted our offer. It made for a very grateful Thanksgiving. Thank you for being extremely professional, open & honest. What a lesson – we learned to keep up with timely payments, this will not happen again. Mike S.

Resolving back tax debt issues is a lengthy process; it’s not uncommon for cases to take months even a year to settle. For example Mike S. became a TRS client in July of 2011, we resolved his case Thanksgiving of 2012. If you have unresolved tax problems, it is important to step up to the plate now and start the process of tax resolution because your issues will only get worse and more expensive over time. Start 2013 off right and get the tax help you need by taking advantage of IRS debt settlement or payment programs.

New Offer in Compromise Guidelines

Handling IRS tax debt issues is a great way to ring in the New Year. One great reason to do so now is because of new positive changes to the Offer in Compromise (OIC) debt settlement program. The Offer in Compromise Program is a way the IRS can collect a much smaller lump sum payment immediately rather than waiting to settle the entire, larger amount over time.

Last year’s changes mean that more people will qualify for program that can settle their tax debt for significantly less than what is owed. This blog post features a TaxMan episode where I explain the benefits of these new OIC changes. Here is an overview of four areas where these changes have been significant:

  • Discretionary income
  • Student Loans
  • State and local taxes
  • Retirement of Debt

Note: The Offer in Compromise Program is complicated and difficult to obtain without competent representation. Up until now, the IRS has only accepted an average about 30% percent of the offers it receives.  At TRS, we conduct a rigorous in-depth interview to make sure a client is a good candidate for the Program first. It’s rewarding under the new guidelines to submit candidates who in the past may not have qualified.

Don’t fall into a trap of doing nothing– it’s time to begin dealing with your tax problems and take advantage of historic tax changes that have the potential to benefit your financial situation. Contact a certified tax resolution specialist or tax attorney for a free consultation to determine if you qualify. You have nothing to lose and could be pleasantly surprised.

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