Tax Resolution Fees: How Much Will It Cost to Solve Your Specific IRS Problem?

From time to time, we hear about other tax resolution firms offering IRS relief services for questionably low fees.  While our fees may not be the lowest fees out there, we have the best published tax relief track record in our industry.  And we’re thankful for these opportunities to offer insight into our tax resolution process and talk a little about what we do as a firm and how we achieve exceptional results for our clients.

It’s unfortunate that there are some tax relief firms out there that will lowball their initial fees – without letting taxpayers know about additional fees that may be involved further down the road. This is a popular tactic that firms use to secure a client. They start the process by quoting entry-level fees – intentionally leaving out the fact that the Offer in Compromise process can take up to 6-7 months. Because a high percentage of Offers are rejected by the IRS, these cases often have to go to the appellate level – at which point these firms will then turn around and hit the client with additional appellate representation fees.

At Tax Defense Partners, we quote a fixed fee for our tax resolution services. We can do this because we know exactly what will be involved with achieving a settlement for your specific IRS problem. We let our clients know at the time of their initial Free Confidential Consultation, how much they will have to pay in total to achieve their tax resolution (and this is a flat fee, unless there is a significant change in what we were retained to do.)

We put our clients through a rigorous in-depth interview process to find out if they qualify for an IRS tax settlement – and will not allow a client to retain our services unless the taxpayer is a legitimate candidate for tax relief.

Our role is to negotiate the lowest possible IRS payment amount allowed by law. Our expert team of attorneys, Certified Tax Resolution Specialists and CPAs has extensive expertise and experience achieving exceptional outcomes for our clients.

We offer transparency to our clients, helping them understand the process for resolving tax debt so they have realistic expectations for solving their specific tax problems. Because the IRS has very strict guidelines governing eligibility, we let our clients know up front what tax relief options are viable for resolving their specific IRS problems.

This ethical and honest approach to tax resolution has helped our team achieve a 99.7% client satisfaction rate in over 9,000 tax relief cases and an IRS tax settlement rate of $0.11 on the dollar. We have a tax relief success rate that’s second to none – having saved 52 million dollars in back taxes and IRS penalties since 1998.

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  1. Dana L. Groff Says:

    I currently have a lien on my property from the IRS but no other communication at this point. There is no way I can afford to pay the tax, interest and penalties. I lost a 6 figure job, filed bankruptcy and will more than likely eventually lose my home. I am hoping to find a compromise.

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