Tax Relief Tips from Yahoo’s Associated Content: Get Expert Tax Help for Resolving Your IRS Problems

Yahoo’s Associated Content is a great site that enables professionals and experts to share and publish their knowledge with millions of readers. This diverse community offers content from across the web, featuring contributors who offer expert content and information.

So I was honored when I got the news that Associated Content has recognized me as an expert Business and Finance Contributor based on my professional experience coupled with my library of informative and well-written tax relief content .

At Tax Resolution Services, we pride ourselves in our dedicated approach to providing expert tax help to Americans troubled by the IRS and tax problems. We understand that one in six taxpayers has some form of tax problem and needs guidance. This is why we do our best in supporting individual taxpayers and business by offering educational resources relating to everything from owing the IRS back taxes and unfiled tax returns to handling audits, IRS penalties and debilitating wage garnishments.

As advocates for taxpayers, we aim to provide helpful resources to help educate taxpayers on their rights and tax resolution options. We strive to do this not only in our offices, representing clients before the IRS, and but also through the social web, including Facebook, Twitter and Yahoo’s Associated Content.

Sharing tax help tips on Associated Content is a great way for us to educate the general public and taxpayers who seek tax relief.  I’m honored to be recognized as a tax resolution expert and hope you will check out some of the educational tax content I’ve contributed, including these articles on:

How Successful Resolution is Defined for Taxpayers Facing Different IRS Problems

Seven Errors to Avoid in the IRS Offer in Compromise Process

How to Correctly Classify Workers and Avoid IRS Employment Tax Audits

How to Settle Your Tax Debt by Negotiating a Payment Plan with the IRS

We are so pleased to be recognized for our passion and drive for educating taxpayers. In addition to Twitter (@taxresolution) and Facebook page, we’re excited to contribute to Associated Content and provide much-needed tax help, tax relief tips, advice and IRS news.

While this is a great resource to use and get clued up on tax news, we still recommend seeking an experienced tax professional who is able to represent you and negotiate on your behalf against the IRS. While you can do yourself a favor and educate yourself on taxes, the tax code is very complicated. If you are a taxpayer who is being targeted by the IRS, you will  need expert help to resolve your tax problems.

If you owe the IRS over $20,000 or have unfiled tax returns, you need expert help.  At Tax Resolutions Services our team of  expert tax attorneys, CPAs, and Certified Tax Resolution Specialists are here to help you with your IRS tax problems. We handle more cases in a month than most tax professionals do in a career.  Our clients hire us because we are the best and we provide the highest standards in the quality of our work. Let us take the stress of your tax problems off your desk and into our office.  Give us a call today at (888) 699-7630 for a free tax relief consultation or visit

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    Hi my name is Rae Castro and I am the accountant for a client who owes the IRS over $43,000.00 and would like to speak to someone regarding the relief that the IRS states that they are willing to help resolve.

    Please contact me directly at (623) 233- 2009 to further discuss this matter. Thank you for your time and cooperation to this matter.


    Rae Castro

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