Tax Relief News: Nation’s Leading Tax Negotiation Firm Becomes Founding Member of Tax Problem Resolution Services Coalition

In light of the recent dramatic increase in tax relief scams and scam artists charging exorbitant fees and delivering nothing, my team at Tax Resolution Services has joined forces with like-minded tax negotiation firms to form the Tax Problem Resolution Services Coalition (TPRSC).

The goal: spearheading a multi-pronged effort through legislation and media outreach to promote consumer protection from unscrupulous providers of tax resolution. This coalition is consisted of enrolled agents, tax attorneys, and CPAs.

Ultimately, we want to help rid the industry of the fraudsters and the crooks out there preying on and deceiving the American consumer. The entire industry is under the magnifying glass right now, and some of the legislation that the federal and state regulators are proposing would ensnare the good firms along with the bad.

If the regulators are not careful, they would be essentially denying the American consumer from getting proper expert representation if the credible ‘good firms’ were no longer in business.  We want to separate the bad apples from the good, and we have proposed our own legislation on the federal and state levels on how to do that.

Our 40-member coalition has drafted our own proposed state and federal legislation to set best practices guidelines, in the belief that tax resolution practitioners should meet set standards, increasing transparency and requiring certification and continuing education for all companies and individuals in the tax debt resolution field. The TPRSC will also respond to media inquiries and work to provide redress for consumers who have been victims of fraud.

I hope that the efforts of TPRSC will not only instruct consumers on how to spot a tax debt relief scam but will also turn a spotlight on the many positive and important services that experienced and legitimate tax-resolution firms such as TRS have to offer.

What many people don’t realize is that TPRSC member firms provide the American consumer an invaluable service that goes beyond just negotiating payment plans, penalty removal, and Offers in Compromise. We are a voice, an advocate, a mediator for the consumer who is the David about to face Goliath in a showdown.

To learn more about the Tax Problem Resolution Services Coalition and the work we are doing, visit TPRSC.

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