Tax Problem FAQ: What are the fees and timelines associated with obtaining a tax settlement?

For solving IRS tax problems, the general time line from submission to settlement is about 9-12 months. Longer if your case goes to Appeals. 65% of our cases are settled at the Appellate level.

Fees are usually fixed – based on the particular services to be rendered to permanently solve the taxpayer’s IRS problems for the lowest amount allowed under law. Most “run of the mill” Offers in Compromise are about $4500 to $5500. Additional fees are dictated by the complexity of the case (corporation vs. individual).

You will know at the time of your initial free confidential consultation, how much you will have to pay in total to achieve resolution. Generally, 30% – 50% of the total fee is due before we can legally begin work on your matter. We can finance the balance of your retainer in 2-6 equal monthly payments. We do not charge for faxes, photocopies, phone calls, correspondence, or meetings, as does our competition (most Law Firms).

There are over 400,000 CPAs in this country. Less than 1% are qualified as Certified Tax Resolution Specialists to handle your tax problem. Over half of our clientele has started out with their own CPA, lawyer or E.A., only to find themselves hung out to dry. Offers in Compromise are governed by Internal Revenue Code Section 7122. It is a highly specialized area within the Collections realm of the IRS.

You need expert professional representation when dealing with these type sof matters. Since the $750 Billion financial bailout (and the Obama proposed $1 Trillion on the table), the only place for the government to get revenues to pay for this is to go after non-filers and tax cheats. Congress has appropriated much money this fiscal year for the IRS to beef up collection efforts. They are at the highest level of brutal enforced collection than I have witnessed during in the past 11 years.

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