Tax Lien Filed Against Actor Nicholas Cage for $6 Million Tax Debt Owed to the IRS

If you owe taxes, the federal government will file an IRS tax lien against you.  Do you know what an IRS tax lien means?  First and foremost, it means you are in tax debt and owe the IRS money.  A tax lien filed against you also means that this is on the public record and it shows up on your credit report.  A tax lien can tie up your personal property and real estate and can make it difficult, or even impossible, to get financing for a home or car.  Why not just pay your taxes and not worry about a tax lien?  Everyone has different reasons for not paying taxes.  Actor Nicholas Cage blames it on his business manager.  You can’t shift the blame when dealing with the IRS.  If you owe taxes, the IRS will come after you, no matter who you try to point the finger at!

Academy Award-winning actor Nicolas Cage owes the IRS more than $6.6 million in income taxes.

According to a tax lien filed against him, Cage owes $70,190 for the tax year 2002, $179,738 for 2003, $110,617 for 2004 and more than $6.2 million for 2007.

Cage blames his financial and tax problems on his business manager, Samuel Levin, according to a lawsuit the actor filed against the man in California.

The nephew of director Francis Ford Coppola and actress Talia Shire, Cage has long been among Hollywood’s royalty and highest-paid actors. He won the Academy Award for Best Acting for his lead role in Leaving Las Vegas and has earned box-office successes in various summer action films as well as the National Treasure series.

The federal government has not filed criminal charges related to the actor’s $6.6 million tax debt.

If an IRS tax lien has been filed against you, it is wise to seek professional tax help.  Tax Resolution Services has a team of tax attorneys and IRS specialists who can help you resolve your tax debt and help you find tax relief.  Call for a free tax consultation – 1-866-IRS-PROBLEMS.

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