Tax Help Tips For Taxpayers Who Can’t Afford to Pay on April 15th

Times are rough and with only 3 weeks to go until the April 15th tax filing deadline, many taxpayers may be growing anxious about how they are going to pay their tax bill.

If you’re among the many who don’t have enough spare cash to send to Uncle Sam, you don’t need to panic just yet. There are a number of tax relief options that will save you from severe IRS penalties and interest.

Read on for our top tax help picks of how to stay out of IRS trouble even when you don’t have the money to pay up:


Payment Options for Struggling Taxpayers
If you don’t have enough cash to pay your taxes in full come April 15th, it does not mean you have to succumb to the inevitability of IRS tax trouble. Find out how you can save yourself from harsh IRS penalties with payment options from the IRS. Read more.

How Working With the IRS When You Can’t Pay Can Help You Stay Out of Trouble
The IRS can cut taxpayers some slack when it comes to collecting tax payments if the taxpayer can prove that they are in a financial crisis. If you’re unable to pay your tax bill come April, you can work with the IRS to stay out of tax trouble. Find out how.

What Exactly is “Currently Not Collectible” Status & How Does it Work?
Learn what the IRS considers “currently not collectible” and how you can qualify if you’re short on cash this tax season. Many times, being categorized as “currently not collectible” will save you from harsh IRS penalties and interest. Read more.

IRS Announces Unprecedented Opportunity for Recession-Burdened Americans to Settle Outstanding Tax Debt
Learn how the IRS is trying to “take it easy” on struggling taxpayers who cannot afford to pay their taxes but don’t want to wind up in IRS trouble. Are you strapped for cash? Learn how you can work with the IRS to avoid severe tax penalties. Read more.

Can’t Pay the IRS in Full? File Your Taxes Anyway and Send in $5
Many taxpayers don’t know this but if you file your tax return on time and pay them $5 in taxes, it will keep you out of serious IRS trouble. This is a great tax relief option for those who are really struggling with money this tax season. Learn more.


By being placed in the “currently not collectible” category, you can save yourself from severe IRS penalties that would otherwise be placed on you if you do not communicate with the IRS. This is a great tax relief option for struggling taxpayers who are fighting to make ends meet.

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