Top Tax Resolution Tips: How to Hire Expert Tax Help and Avoid IRS Relief Scams

Tax season is fully upon us and what better time than now to revisit some of our top tax help blog posts? And here are some of our top tips for hiring the best tax attorney, CPA, or Certified Tax Resolution Specialist while avoiding tax relief scams.

As a part of Tax Resolution Services’ dedication to help taxpayers like you stay informed about your taxes and how to avoid falling in deep with the IRS, we have compiled some of our most helpful tax resolution blog posts on this matter. We will be continuing to publish more compilations of our most popular blog posts on various important tax help subjects throughout the upcoming weeks to gear up for tax season! So stay tuned!


Beware of Tax Resolution Firms That Overstate Success Rate

Consumer Affairs warns consumers against tax resolution firms that inflate their ability to reduce taxpayers’ IRS debt. Don’t hire tax resolution firms that only care about their bottom line and not your actual tax relief, learn about how you can protect yourself and your financial well-being from unrealistic tax resolution promises. Read more.

7 Ways You can Ensure that Your IRS Tax Problems Are in Good Hands

The quality of the tax representation you hire can determine whether you win or lose against the IRS. Therefore, it is extremely important that you hire a professional who is well versed in tax law and IRS procedures. IRS representation is a complicated field with many different laws to interpret. While any Attorney, CPA or Enrolled Agent can represent clients before the IRS, few are truly qualified to provide the knowledge, experience and negotiating skills needed to successfully represent a taxpayer before the IRS. Learn 7 important things to consider before you hire your tax defense. Read more.

Ask the Right Questions Before You Hire Your Tax Representation

Before you hire a tax attorney, CPA, or Certified Tax Resolution Specialist, you are entitled to learn everything you want to know about the firm, your tax resolution process, and what you can expect before you commit. This entails asking some important questions–learn what you need to look for in a tax resolution firm before jumping on board! Read more.

Is Your Tax Attorney Credible? How You Can Find Out

With 35 million taxpayers with IRS tax problems, you can bet there’s a lot of competition between tax resolution firms for a piece of the market. While any attorney can “fight” the IRS for you, it is best to do your homework and find the most qualified tax attorney for your tax resolution needs. Learn some important criteria to consider when hiring tax help. Read more.

Note: If you’re looking at national ratings to evaluate your tax resolution firm, remember to keep in mind that not all of these ratings show the entire picture. You can always dig deeper by asking more questions! Read more about what to watch out for in national ratings like the BBB Rating.

Tax Resolution Services is a team of expert tax attorneys, CPAs, and Certified Tax Resolution Specialists who are dedicated in helping you resolve your IRS tax problems forever. Call our office at 1-866-IRS-PROBLEMS for a free, no-risk tax resolution consultation or visit

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