Tax Help News Round Up – IRS Amnesty, New Lien Policies, Smart Tax Apps and More!

At Tax Resolution Services, Co. our business is not just helping consumers and business alike with expert tax help in settling their back taxes or various IRS troubles. Our team strives to educate consumers with timely posts, tweets and news from the tax world at large. This is why I am always on the lookout for useful news posts and relevant content from other tax pros out there.

Check out some of the recent buzz from various tax bloggers below:

The IRS is feeling generous lately, offering an amnesty program for tax cheats hiding offshore accounts. If this is you, or you simply didn’t know the guidelines for disclosing your offshore accounts until now, you have until August to come clean, sort your taxes out and avoid jail time. As reported by and our fellow domestic tax expert, TaxMama.

Frantically trying to sort your tax paperwork and file your taxes this month? Help make your paperwork less ‘taxing’ with 7 smartphone tax apps, presented by File your taxes, organize your receipts, keep track of donations or find a missing tax refund all from your phone. It’s attached to you at all times anyway so take a breather from updating your profile and settle those taxes on the go!

Is the 1099 giving you a headache? Reading through the tax guide book giving you an even bigger one? Save yourself the time and headache with Bruce Fogel’s quick, to the point explanation of the 1099.

Do you feel your politicians are starting to get a little political over taxes? TaxGirl discusses reports of dwindling faith in state governors and their promises of keeping taxes at bay. Share your opinion!

Confused about reporting your income if a chunk of it is in tips? All tips are income and therefore taxable. Reporting them is not overly difficult. Get some tax tips on reporting your tips from Daniel Stoica, Accounting Professional.

Are client lunches and dinners part of your regular business day? Be careful with those entertainment deducations! Not all business entertainment expenses are deductable. ABC Money reports the rules for deducting entertainment expenses on your tax return.

On the bright side, you can deduct business travel expenses! This is very welcome news indeed, considering the price for gas is hiking up to $4/gallon. Read more from Kay Bell at Don’t Mess With Taxes.

Fear a tax lien? Brush up on the new policies regarding tax liens for 2011 and read about new programs initiated to help you avoid them, as reported by Michelle Singletary from The Washington Post.

Before you send off that 2010 tax return, take one last glance over it to ensure you haven’t missed out on any deductions that could lower the amount you owe. Maybe you used your cell phone for business purposes? Deduct it! Read a list of common deductions missed out on, as compiled by Kay Bell from Don’t Mess With Taxes.

If you already filed your tax return only to realize you’ve made a mistake, don’t panic! Get the IRS off your back by filing an amended tax return. Jim Wang explains how to go about filing one on

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