Tax Help From The Most Credible Tax Relief Firm to Get Rid of IRS Problems For Good

While it’s important to stay away from tax relief scams that sound too good to be true, it’s also equally if not more important to hire a tax relief firm that is credible and well-qualified. If you get the best team together to fight for you, you will be maximizing your chances of settling your IRS tax debt for good while not paying a penny more than you have to.

I encourage you to do your research before hiring a tax relief firm. Check out the Better Business Bureau’s TrustLink Community (online rating community for BBB) and see how the firms are rated. Just be careful–BBB’s scores can be skewed by the amount of people a firm serves. If a tax relief firm has served 5,000 clients over 3 years and has 20 complaints, that’s a 0.4% failure rate, or a 99.6% satisfaction rate. This can be misleading as the BBB only tracks complaints, not resolutions. Stay informed about how to read internet reviews and use it as a tool to determine the quality of your tax relief firm, but keep in mind there are other important pieces to the puzzle.

You can also Google your potential tax relief firm to see what information is out there–news clips, press releases, blog posts…etc.

Learn more about how to hire the most qualified tax resolution firm for your IRS tax problem needs here.

Tax Resolution Services, Co. is dedicated to providing affordable solutions to businesses and individuals alike who find themselves in trouble with the IRS. Our expert team of tax attorneys, CPAs, and Certified Tax Resolution Specialists has a success rate of 90% – second to none in the industry – and an Offer in Compromise Settlement Rate of $0.11 on the dollar. For more information or to receive a FREE tax relief consultation, visit or call (888) 699-7630.

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  1. Tax Relief News: FTC Orders American Tax Relief to Shut Down For Cheating Taxpayers Out of $60 Million | Tax Attorney and Tax Resolution Services: IRS Help Blog Says:

    [...] While American Tax Relief has been in business for over a decade, they fell short of delivering the tax relief to their customers like they had advertised. This is why I keep emphasizing the importance of doing your homework before hiring on your tax relief team. Googling your potential tax relief firm and checking out their BBB rating are indispensable steps you need to take before you hand your IRS problems (and your money) over to them. Check out my Youtube video clip on how to research your potential tax relief firm. [...]

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