Tax Help For UBS Account Holders Seeking IRS Tax Relief For Tax Evasion Charges

It’s official–UBS, the Swiss Banking Giant has reached a deal with the US Government and the Swiss Government to release around 4,450 names of American account holders suspected of tax evasion.

The US Government estimates there to be $18 billion hidden in these offshore accounts–giving the IRS plenty reason to scrutinize and audit both the innocent and guilty in the upcoming months.

If you have a UBS account and have not paid your taxes, you can still decrease the severity of your charges by participating in voluntary disclosure. Currently, the IRS offers an Amnesty Program for tax evaders who come forward before their names are disclosed by UBS. (The deadline for this program is September 23rd, 2009).

If you come forward to the IRS before UBS does, the IRS will drop all criminal charges in exchange of you paying all back taxes plus penalties and interest. Considering this exchange could make the difference between jail time and an affordable payment plan, it is worthwhile for tax evaders who have significant unpaid taxes.

Taxpayers are required by law to disclose all income from domestic and foreign sources–all of which are taxable. Therefore, if you are going through an IRS audit or have found yourself in trouble with the IRS, it is best to get professional tax help from an experienced tax attorney, CPA, or certified tax resolution specialist.

Guilty or innocent, it’s crucial for taxpayers with offshore bank accounts to be prepared for severe IRS scrutiny. Get professional tax help now before it’s too late. In most cases, finding the most qualified tax lawyer or tax resolution specialist can significantly reduce your IRS penalties.

Read more on how you can pick the best tax attorney to help you fight the IRS.

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  1. tim vanovickoyo Says:

    The reason why Birkenfeld was sent to prision was to strike fear into any other whistle blower in the “rich people solicitation” case. Lehman Bros, Merrill, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs etc, were big in soliciting rich Europeans to put money in “secret” US Investment and Bank accounts. foreigners pay no tax on gains in the USA. UBS copycatted that idea by sending their managers here. All the big investment houses were sending wealth managers all over Europe to get rich people to put money in the US. Lehman was big on this. That is why they were allowed to “fail” To hide all that solicitation. When it became evident that the IRS was going to get a settlement from UBS last year,Fear went through the markets and all the investment houses almost collapsed. The big Investment houses put pressue on the US gov’t to jail Birkenfeld so that the Lehman Bros. managers that went to Europe to solicit would not squeal. The EU countries will soon be after the US Banks, similar to what the IRS did to UBS.

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