Tax Help For Business Owners Overwhelmed by Payroll Tax Problems

As the IRS continues its increasing aggression in tax collection efforts, business owners that are having trouble making ends meet need to be wary of getting mired in payroll tax problems.

In this economy, many businesses are struggling with cash flow–oftentimes, it’s not that the business owners want to intentionally skip on paying payroll taxes, it’s because they can’t afford to pay them while still keeping their business running.

The important thing to remember is that the IRS does not know your personal difficulties when it comes to delinquent payroll taxes. It is your responsibility to resolve your tax problems proactively so that you can avoid severe IRS penaltiesPayroll tax penalties can be the kiss of death to many businesses as the IRS penalties for delinquent payroll taxes can add up quickly.

You need to know that the IRS assigns a higher priority to collecting employment taxes than income taxes so incurring payroll tax debt means you risk losing your business, having your assets seized and being held personally liable.

Furthermore, since the IRS prioritizes employment taxes higher than income taxes, it is more difficult to negotiate a tax settlement such as a long-term installment agreement for unpaid payroll taxes.

Therefore, it is imperative that you contact a professional tax attorney, CPA, or certified tax resolution specialist for tax help if you owe or think you will owe payroll taxes. Resolving your payroll tax problems is more than about saving you money–it’s about helping your business survive and thrive.

Tax Resolution Services is a team of tax attorneys, CPAs, and certified tax resolution specialists. We deal with payroll tax problems every day. Call us at 1-866-IRS-PROBLEMS or 1-866-477-7762.  Tax Resolution Services will help you find tax relief!

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  1. Samuel Kline Says:

    Well said Michael, there are lots of businesses out there who are struggling with payroll taxes.

    These days are hard for most businesses, and their cashflow problems can lead to payroll tax difficulties if they divert their payroll tax money to keep the business afloat. Our hardworking business folks just need a break; it’s nice to hear that you are advocating about payroll tax issues as well.


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