Tax Help and Tips from Tax Blogger Includes Refreshing and Candid Look at Issues Facing Today’s Taxpayers

As you know, I often turn to many fellow tax bloggers for the latest tax news and IRS regulations. And while Stacie’s More Tax Tips blog features tax help and tips, I am particularly drawn to her candid refreshing take on the triumphs and woes of today’s taxpayer.

From why she thinks American Express sucks to the true story of a magazine door-to-door sales person who encountered nightmarish tax consequences from her self employment status, Stacie’s unique take is both entertaining and enlightening.

Stacie’s More Tax Tips provides a wide and eclectic mix of tax information. The blog is well organized and quite informative – taxpayers can find excellently categorized information concerning tax, accounting and business advice, mixed in with quirky commentary. The blog offers information published by the IRS, such as IRS Patrol and IRS Presents, news releases and tax tips.

Other great content featured on the blog includes interviews with interesting individuals who put a new spin on everything tax, book reviews, Education Credits, Tax Guidance (need any help filing out those numerous tax forms?), coaching, and types of tax explained. You can even check out Abigail’s story of sex, drugs, and taxes for a bit of jolting tax reading.

Or for a bit of light reading, Stacie’s personal take on all tax absurdity (laws, events and news) peruse The Duh Factor. Another popular feature is the Stupid Preparer Files featuring the follies of tax preparers gone bad.

Stacie knows her stuff, with over 20 years experience in tax, accounting and business consulting. She’s co-authored “Domestic Production Activity Deduction: A Walk Through Section 199″ and is a contributing author to “The Fundamentals of the Corporate Income Tax Return.”

You can follow Stacie’s Tax Tips on Twitter @Stacies_TaxTips.

For more tax resources and news, you can check out some of the other tax blogs I follow. If you seek IRS tax help, our IRS Tax Relief FAQs is a great place to start. Please feel free to leave a comment if you have any suggestions for tax blogs you would like to recommend for fellow tax readers! OK, I need to stop reading blogs and get back to providing tax relief assistance!

At Tax Resolution Services, we are dedicated to providing affordable solutions to businesses and individuals alike who find themselves in trouble with the IRS.  For more information or to receive a FREE tax relief consultation, visit or call 888-699-7630.

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  1. Stacie Clifford Kitts Says:

    Wow weee thanks for such a glowing review of my blog. When I get a minute – been bad about blogging lately soooo busy….I intend to give more thanks at my blog…

    Thanks again Stacie

  2. TRS Says:

    Stacie – great to hear from you! Keep up the great work on your blog. I know how it is when things get busy – so let me know if you’d be interested in a guest post on tax relief! Let me know and I get some ideas on topics that would be valuable to your readers @taxresolution.

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