Tax Help for Individuals and Businesses Struggling With IRS Debt: Law Day 2009 Recap

Last month, we sponsored the KFI AM 640 FREE listener event Law Day 2009 with free legal and tax advice, as well as a Handel on the Law live broadcast.

There were also informative session including a workshop I did on tax resolution strategies like Offer in Compromise settlements and IRS payment plans.   About 2,700 listeners attended this event and filled up seminar classrooms throughout the day. I was happy I could share insider secrets to successfully working with the IRS with taxpayers in this down economy. It’s important that individuals and businesses who are struggling with the debt they owe the IRS to know their options so they don’t end up financially crippled. I shared expert advice on how to avoid situations where the IRS can end up garnishing your wages or placing a federal bank levy on your back account – and how to avoid these situations in the first place.

If you owe the IRS more than you can afford to pay, get help from the specialized staff of tax attorneys, CPAs, EAs and tax professionals at TRS. Visit Tax Resolution Services for a free income tax relief consultation or call us at 866-IRS-PROBLEMS (1-866-477-7762).

Tax Experts Michael Rozbruch and Brian Compton with Radio Host Bill Handel, originally uploaded by

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Tax Help for Individuals and Businesses Struggling With IRS Debt, originally uploaded by

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