Tax Debt Settlement Success Rate Highlights Representative Sample of Audit Results and Other Tax Resolutions

If you find yourself nervous after reading all the tax relief scam stories on the news lately, you’re not alone. After all, how can you know who to trust to solve your IRS tax problems for good?

One of the best indicators of a tax relief firm’s competence is their tax debt settlement success rate. And here’s where the taxpayer needs to be extra careful–many tax relief firms will overstate their success rate and fool distressed taxpayers into believing that they will qualify for tax settlements that they actually cannot.

A good tax resolution firm will interview potential clients to evaluate their individual situations before prescribing the appropriate tax relief method. So if your tax relief firm promises complete tax resolution without ever asking about your individual financial and individual IRS situation, walk out and don’t look back.

Of course, tax relief results will vary depending on each client’s unique circumstances. But it’s a good idea to get an idea of what you can expect from your tax resolution firm before committing to their services.

I invite you to check out our tax relief success rate scorecard, which is a representative sample of our tax debt settlements since 1998. Check out the amount owed by each sample taxpayer and the final amount paid after we reached a settlement with the IRS.

The page also has a representative sample of some of our tax debt settlements since 1998, including our audit results, Offers in Compromise, partial pay installment agreements, Innocent Spouse defense cases and Statute of Limitation cases. These are the kinds of results taxpayers can expect if they qualify for our services AND follow our direction/advice all the way through to the end of the tax resolution process.

It’s also a good idea to arm yourself with other important information and questions to ask your tax resolution firm before handing over your IRS tax problems and your money. Check out our tax help article on what questions to ask before hiring a tax relief firm.

Tax Resolution Services is a team of expert tax attorneys, CPAs, and Certified Tax Resolution Specialists who are here to help you with your IRS tax problems. Give us a call today at (888) 699-7630 for a free tax relief consultation or visit

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