Tax Debt is Scary But Evading Taxes is Scarier: Man Gets Prison Sentence for Not Reporting $500K

Some people are just straight up tax cheats.  The Wyoming man in the story below blatantly evaded his taxes doing things such as underreporting income and filing false tax returns.  Subsequently he was sentenced to prison time and left with a hefty fine – all of which he deserves.  For those who find themselves in tax debt, not because they were purposely cheating on taxes but because of other extraordinary conditions in their lives, tax relief is possible!  Hiring a tax professional – like a tax attorney or tax specialist – is the first step to relieving tax debt.  There is nothing to fear about seeking tax help – if you are innocent!  If you are starting to seek help for your tax debt, Tax Resolution Services tells you exactly what to expect when resolving tax debt. 

John T. Minemyer, 49, of Casper, Wy., was sentenced to 12 months in federal prison for tax evasion. Minemyer was also ordered to pay a $25,000 fine and restitution totaling $200,918.22. 

Monomer’s tax evasion charge stems from when he was a resident of Colorado Springs, Colo., where he was a 50 percent partner in a company known as Lozon, which sold coupler devices used for underground fiber optic cables. Minemyer filed with the IRS false joint tax returns for the years 2000 and 2001, substantially underreporting his income from the partnership and using a series of offshore financial transactions to hide that income.

As a result, Minemyer failed to report on his 2000 return income of $355,176, which resulted in an underreported tax liability of $140,561. In addition, Minemyer failed to report on his 2001 return income of $174,087, which resulted in an underreported tax liability of $60,357. The total loss for both years is $200,918.

“This case is a good example of those who evade their tax obligations may end up finding themselves in federal prison and owing a lot more money than they would have originally had to pay,” said U.S. Attorney David Gaouette.

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One Response to “Tax Debt is Scary But Evading Taxes is Scarier: Man Gets Prison Sentence for Not Reporting $500K”

  1. joe Says:

    also this is a good example of how fighting the IRS in a case will bring you a tuffer sentence. If this man would have just entered a guilty plea, worked with IRS and paid the money. He would have not served time in this case. I have seen people oweing way more then this amount that got nothing but probation. It is always easier to work with them rather then try to fight them. IRS has a very good conviction rate because they dont even go to trial unless they know in advance that there is a 90% chance of winning. So trust me. If they indict you there is a good chance they have already won.

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