Tax Attorney Says You Have a Choice: File Your Taxes or Go To Prison for Under Reporting Income!

How does that old saying go? If you can’t beat them, join them.  This message is for all the people who think they can beat the IRS by cheating on their taxes, filing fraudulent tax returns or hiding their income.  If I have to spell it out for you, I will.  The bottom line is, you can’t beat the IRS.  So you might as well join the masses of US citizens that diligently pay their taxes every year.  And if you feel that you can’t pay what you owe, then you need to seek out professional tax help.  For example, Tax Resolution Services has a team of tax attorneys and Certified Tax Resolution Specialists that are available to help you get tax relief.   The IRS has payment plan options, a program that allows you to pay less than what you owe (Offer in Compromise) if you qualify, allows you to file delinquent tax returns, offers tax relief for innocent spouses and much more.  Believe it or not, the IRS can be flexible, especially when you’ve got a tax expert guiding you through the hoops.  The IRS is not flexible only when you cheat on your taxes!  You can pretty much expect prison time and a hefty fine each time!

Robert L. Braddy Jr., 39, of College Park, Ga., was sentenced to two years and six months in prison for income tax evasion. He was also ordered to pay $306,906 in restitution.

Braddy was immediately remanded to the custody of the U.S. Marshals Service at the conclusion of the sentencing hearing.

According to court records, when Braddy filed his 2003, 2004 and 2005 federal income tax returns, he willfully attempted to evade a large part of the income tax he owed the United States by filing a false and fraudulent U.S. Individual Income Tax Return (Form 1040).

For each of the returns he filed, he knew that his total income and the tax due and owing substantially exceeded the amounts he reported.

Braddy under reported his income by more than $1.1 million and underpaid his income taxes by $306,906

“This defendant hid $1 million in income and cheated his fellow citizens who pay their fair share of taxes. Now he is going to prison,” said United States Attorney Sally Quillian Yates in a statement.

Braddy is not eligible for parole.

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