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IRS Problems-Agency Publishes Social Security Numbers Online

Tuesday, July 9th, 2013

“When the Internal Revenue Service screws up, it screws up BIG.” This is the opening sentence from the MSN article titled: “IRS accidentally publishes thousands of Social Security numbers online.“ In this case, I couldn’t agree more.
According to the MSN source, Gizmodo, it appears the agency forgot to remove tens of thousands of Social Security numbers from a data-set while uploading it to a new online hub thus publishing taxpayer social
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Tax Resolution Services – Weekly Tax News Round-Up

Friday, April 5th, 2013

Just ten days until April 15! On the run up to tax day, we do our best to provide tax relief tips for last minute taxpayers. The tax news topics covered this week include: the annual IRS Data Book release, the official release of the 2013 IRS Dirty Dozen List, a little tax relief humor at Uncle Sam’s expense, tips on filing and tax payments.
Tax Help Tips on Filing and
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IRS Releases 2012 Data Book

Monday, April 1st, 2013

Thanks to Frank Byrt at The Street, we learned that the IRS announced the release of their “2012 Internal Revenue Service Data Book [1],” This annual report provides an overview of agency activities, including information and statistical tables dating from October 1, 2011, to September 30, 2012. The report provides helpful data and information on the following: returns filed, taxes collected, enforcement actions, taxpayer assistance, IRS budget and workforce, and
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Actor Janeane Garofalo and IRS Back Taxes

Tuesday, November 20th, 2012

It appears that comedian and actress Janeane Garofalo did not know she was married for 20 years. The idea of not knowing something this significant sounds absurd, the fact that she may owe the IRS back taxes for her nuptials may not be. A Slate/Explainer article titled Does Janeane Garofalo Have to Amend 20 Years of Tax Returns? attempts to answer whether she and her “husband” will be required to
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Latest IRS Tax Scam Warning

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

Lately, there have been weekly warnings coming from the IRS that caution taxpayers about tax scams or identity theft schemes. Because of their pervasive nature, I feel it’s important to mention each and every one so that taxpayers can stay alert and avoid becoming victims.

The latest announcement can be found on the IRS’s Problem Alerts Page where the following text is posted:

October 2012
Don’t Fall for Phony IRS Websites
The IRS warns
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