Strictly Business – Insider Tax Tips and Advice for Entrepreneurship and Business Development

Tune in to Strictly Business on on Thursday, December 4 at 12:00 PM to learn about what you can do if you are a business owner or individual struggling to overcome your tax burdens.

Stop looking over your shoulder in fear of the IRS! Obtain the knowledge to be proactive in finding solutions to break free from the crushing burden of financial woe.

I will be discussing some insider secrets of tax relief with Strictly Business host Anna Banks including important taxpayer rights, how to reduce or avoid IRS penalties and interest, and how to get a fresh start even if you have  delinquent tax returns from the past 7 years. 

Call in with your own IRS tax questions (718) 766-4021.

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Strictly Business Radio is a weekly radio talk show highlighting Businesses from Start-Up to Sensational, as well as organizations that support entrepreneurship and business development. The program features a variety of business owners from many industries including banking, energy, retail, technology, manufacturing, health-care, law, construction, and professional services. Created, hosted and produced by business coach and consultant, Anna D. Banks, this program is designed to support and build entrepreneurship within a local community, throughout the State of New Jersey and United States of America. Ms. Banks designed this program in an effort to create awareness around entrepreneurs of small to mid-sized businesses and to do her part to promote employment and business opportunities nationally.

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