Sentence Imposed on Individual for Aiding and Assisting Preparation of Fraudulent Returns

Victims of dishonest tax return preparers can end up in a world of tax trouble – it’s no wonder return preparer fraud made this year’s IRS Dirty Dozen list of common scams taxpayers should avoid.  The promise of large refunds may be all too tempting in this challenging economy – but taxpayers should still choose their tax preparer wisely.

With IRS enforcement on the rise, struggling taxpayers do not want to fall victim to tax scams – as they are certain to land in serious trouble with the IRS.

And tax preparers who take part in these tax schemes (claiming false deductions, submitting fraudulent returns, etc.) should beware. A sentence was recently imposed on an individual for aiding and assisting the preparation of fraudulent returns.

CCH ( reports:

A sentence of incarceration and supervised release imposed on an individual following his conviction for aiding and assisting in the preparation of fraudulent income tax returns was proper. The individual committed substantial fraud over a span of several years by claiming false deductions for himself and obtaining income from a tax preparation business that submitted fraudulent returns on behalf of many other taxpayers. The trial court properly considered the sentencing guidelines, the individual’s medical and mental health requirements, the scale of the offenses and the length of time over which they took place, the interests of general and specific deterrence, the individual’s failure to take advantage of previous drug treatment opportunities, the need for just punishment and the option of imposing a probationary sentence as requested by the individual.

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