Sean Hannity Endorses TDP for Ethical and Expert Tax Relief

Talk show host Sean Hannity with Michael Rozbruch

Followers of talk show host Sean Hannity no doubt are familiar with his less than sanguine feelings regarding the nation’s tax system as well as the broad scope of the IRS enforcement powers, both of which are frequent topics on his nationally syndicated radio show.

“The IRS continues to step up its efforts to come after you for what they think is their money,” Hannity says. “The audit rate today is 100 percent higher than it was just in 2000. There is no hiding from these guys anymore, and it’s only going to get worse. You need to know there is a way out.”

Hannity recently endorsed Tax Defense Partners (TDP) for taxpayers burdened by back taxes or other audit and collection-related problems. “Tax Defense Partners is the only tax resolution company that I recommend to both my friends and listeners,” he said on his program. “I’ve checked them out, and they are the best at what they do.”

Our team of attorneys, CPAs, and tax relief professionals have successfully resolved thousands of cases since 1998 and are dedicated to providing the highest standards in the quality of their work to make sure their clients’ experiences exceeds their expectations.

We conduct a no-obligation pre-qualifying interview of potential clients owing at least $20,000 to the IRS. TDP is the nation’s leading tax negotiation and mediation firm and will only accept, for a flat-fee agreement, those they believe will qualify for IRS tax relief programs.

“If you think you can go up against the IRS on your own, you are way out of your league,” Hannity said. “The IRS is the most brutal collection agency on the planet. Tax Defense Partners will completely handle your case for you and deal with the IRS on your behalf.”

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One Response to “Sean Hannity Endorses TDP for Ethical and Expert Tax Relief”

  1. steve steiner Says:

    I owe nearly 11,000 in back taxes and the IRS wants to garnish my wages (I make $25k per year, of which $5,200 goes to my ex-wife. I pay $625 in rent, and another $115 in storage fee (for personal belongings I could not transport due to lack of storage); $125 per month car insurance), $50 cell phone, $100 utility (this is an average). The IRS wants to garnish $115 per week! It will cripple me unless I find a part-time job, which is nigh impossible in this section of Florida!


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