Rush Limbaugh Tells IRS-Burdened Consumers “You Need Tax Defense Partners”

Popular national radio host Rush Limbaugh is known for his quick wit and strong beliefs. So it was an honor for us to be recently endorsed by Rush on his national radio program.  We know that in these tough economic times, the government is quick to pursue audits and is staffing the IRS with gusto.

Rush said it best:

“How many ways does this administration allow the IRS into your life? I mean common logic tells you that an administration spending wildly is going to look to cover their expenses by staffing up the IRS and doubling the number of audits in the last decade.”

And it’s true, they are increasing their efforts with a record $5.5 billion enforcement budget,  So what does Rush suggest if you are in need of tax relief?

” You don’t want to fight this fight alone.  You need Tax Defense Services.  It’s a company of dedicated experts that have seen every IRS demand and recalculation… the IRS isn’t going away anytime soon… and an audit can go on forever.”

At TDS, we provide a bridge between consumers and the IRS. Once your retain our services, you no longer have to communicate directly with the IRS.

But you don’t have to take our word for it. Rush says:

“If you owe $20,000 or more in back taxes, are under audit or have unfiled returns they can help. Tax Defense Partners will handle your case and deal with the IRS on your behalf and they can negotiate a settlement up to 85% of the original amount owed including penalties and interest if you qualify.”

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