Rush Limbaugh Tells IRS-Burdened Consumers “You Need Tax Defense Partners on Your Side”

As more IRS-burdened consumers are seeking relief from their tax troubles during a record year of federal spending on tax enforcement, Rush Limbaugh has endorsed Tax Defense Partners as a provider of solutions for taxpayers with IRS problems.

“If you owe $20,000 or more in back taxes, are under audit or have unfiled returns they can help,” said Limbaugh, one of America’s leading talk show hosts. “Tax Defense Partners will handle your case and deal with the IRS on your behalf. And they can negotiate a settlement up to 85% of the original amount owed including penalties and interest if you qualify.”

Tax Defense Partners has been providing affordable tax relief options to people and businesses with IRS problems since 1998.

In addition to providing a shield between consumers and the IRS, expert IRS representation can greatly increase your chances of resolving tax problems for the lowest possible amount allowed by law.

With President Obama requesting an increased budget for the Internal Revenue Service, aggressive tax enforcement and collection measures will likely escalate affecting all economic strata in the United States, from the nation’s wealthiest to Average Joes.

“You don’t want to fight this fight alone,” Limbaugh said. “You need Tax Defense Partners. It’s a company of dedicated experts that have seen every IRS demand… They can help. But you have to call them now.”

Tax Defense Partners is the only national firm that requires all attorneys, CPAs and EAs to also be Certified Tax Resolution Specialists, certified by the American Society of Tax Problem Solvers (ASTPS).

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One Response to “Rush Limbaugh Tells IRS-Burdened Consumers “You Need Tax Defense Partners on Your Side””

  1. Carole Rucinski Says:

    My most pressing issue at the moment relates to our 2008 return. We filed late because of an issue with our CPA. The years 2009 and 2010 were horrible(narrowly avoided foreclosure on our home, serious health issues, etc.) and cash was very tight. We had paid our accountant half of his fee when he started our return, but were unable to come up with the second half when the return was ready in December 2009. Since we had a refund coming, we asked him to let us pay him out of the refund. He refused, and it took us until April 2011 to come up with the balance of his fee.

    We filed this return in April 2011 and received a refund of $889 in June. However, in August they sent us a bill for a little more than $2,000 in penalties because, according to them, we had past due taxes.

    I called to find out why they were assessing penalties when we did not have any past due taxes in 2008 and did, in fact, receive a refund. The agent I spoke with said we probably should NOT have been assessed penalties, since we had not been given any advance notice that we would be assessed this particular penalty (due to some error at the IRS, which I never fully understood). He gave us a six-week extension so we could research the situation and suggested that we file an appeal. We did (twice), but they won’t budge.

    My concern also extends beyond this to some past due Payroll taxes from previous years. Can explain in more detail if this is something you can help with. Thank you.

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