Obama’s Efforts to Eliminate Loopholes and Bolster IRS Compliance Fall Short of Closing Tax Gap

Bloomberg News columnist John M. Berry makes some interesting points regarding President Obama’s new task force created to close the tax gap by focusing on closing loopholes, streamlining tax code and generating revenue.

“It may not accomplish much,” he says.

Highlights from the article include:

With April 15 fast approaching, stronger enforcement and a lot more resources for the Internal Revenue Service should head the administration’s to-do list.

The tax code could be undoubtedly improved, but the biggest problem is in terms of the tax gap, is a lack of adequate enforcement (making it harder for taxpayers to cheat and easier to catch those who do) and the Obama-ordered code review won’t much help that.

Recommendations for bolstering IRS complaince are due in early December, and eight months isn’t nearly enough time to lay the groundwork for big changes.


Research shows that  the tax gap is the result of “low rollers” (proprietors of small businesses and farmers) who underreport income and the fail to pay employment taxes related to that income – not just high-rollers hiding income in offshore accounts.


A study of  tax returns for 2001 found a gross tax gap of $345 billion, or 16 percent of taxes due. Enforcement activity plus other late payments recovered $55 billion of that, leaving a gap of $290 billion.

The dire state of the economy may also encourage more taxpayers to cheat. You can be sure the gap resulting from the 2008 tax returns is going to be noticeably bigger than it was in 2001.

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