New Tax Resolution Services Customer Success Commercial

Being able to help people resolve their tax problems is the reason I enjoy coming to work every day. I especially enjoy sharing real client success stories because it shows that good people sometimes fall on hard times and have tax issues with the IRS. It also proves that there’s a solution to every tax problem if clients find the right representation.

A new commercial for The Blaze TV highlights former clients and business owners Brian and Anne, who when they came to Tax Resolution Services, Co., owed the IRS $89,000 in back taxes. (Below the video is more information on Anne and Brian’s case)

Anne and Brian were overwhelmed not only with their struggling business, but also their mounting IRS debt. Because of our knowledge and experience working with the IRS to resolve cases such as theirs, we negotiated an IRS tax settlement of $0 to close their case. Needless to say, Anne and Brian were elated with the outcome of their case especially after the stress they endured having so much back tax debt.

If your case is similar to Anne and Brian and need tax relief you are not alone; one in six Americans is experiencing tax debt issues. However, you do not want to represent yourself before the IRS because you will get creamed! Anne and Brian’s story is a success because they realized they needed representation from a seasoned, certified tax resolution firm like Tax Resolution Services, Co. We settle more cases in a month then most tax practitioners do in a lifetime because we are IRS problem solvers who love what we do.

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