Nation’s Leading Tax Relief Firm Retains Highest Better Business Bureau Rating

I am delighted Tax Resolution Services, Co., has received the industry’s highest Better Business Bureau rating and our distinctive Quality Assurance Division is recognized, acknowledging our commitment to providing the highest level of service and support to taxpayers!

In the current climate of heightened IRS enforcement and increasing consumer complaints about tax relief scams, Tax Resolution Services, Co., maintains the highest Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating in the industry. As the nation’s leading tax negotiation and mediation firm, we have been an accredited Better Business Bureau member for 11 years and have saved taxpayers an excess of $52 million dollars in back taxes and IRS penalties since 1998.

We have over 80 positive reviews that taxpayers can read on the BBB web site. Our tax relief firm also has a Quality Assurance Division in place that most companies don’t, which further demonstrates our commitment to providing the highest level of IRS tax help, service and support to taxpayers.

Here are some kind words from Brian S., one of our clients from Chandler, Az. “My case specialist was Dmitry who was amazing. He was very knowledgeable and comforting as well. I am so busy so when I need to get in touch with someone I hope to be able to do so right away. Dmitry was always available and very easy to get in touch with. He did a fantastic job of keeping me in the loop.”

With some tax relief firms making headlines for misrepresenting their ability to resolve IRS problems, it is more important than ever for taxpayers to check the reputation of prospective tax relief providers, such as their BBB rating. A qualified and ethical tax relief firm will be responsible and responsive throughout the tax resolution process for those seeking IRS tax relief.  We make a commitment to our clients that we will do everything in their best interest to resolve their case. We’re invested in more than just getting their business; our focus is on customer service and we are very invested in the client and the outcome.

Tax Resolution Services, Co. is dedicated to providing affordable solutions to businesses and individuals alike who find themselves in trouble with the IRS. Our expert team of tax attorneys, CPAs, and Certified Tax Resolution Specialists has a success rate of 90% – second to none in the industry – and an Offer in Compromise Settlement Rate of $0.11 on the dollar. For more information or to receive a FREE tax relief consultation, visit or call 866-IRS-PROBLEMS.

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2 Responses to “Nation’s Leading Tax Relief Firm Retains Highest Better Business Bureau Rating”

  1. frank mink Says:

    248-431-8241 need help with audit apppeal please call

  2. Mark Lillpop Says:

    2009 Audit, Joint Tax Return. I’m a teamster union member, I work out of State on pipeline projects. My CPA for 2009 Tax Return Used Per Diem Rate provided by the IRS in Liew of receipts in “IRS PUB 1542″. IRS states I owe more than $6800.00 from 2009. CPA also said IRS pennalized me $1080.00 ro filing a fraudulent tax return for 2009. I’ve been working with tax company with NO results to date and my 150 days to contest said IRS tax findings is up on Oct. 21, 2011. I found you on google.

    Feel free to call me at 863-273-5755.

    Can You Hlep? And what is your service fees for said service.

    Thank You
    Mark Lillpop

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