KATU Special Investigation: Two Men and One Identity

Click here to see video footage of Tax Resolution Services in a special On Your Side Investigation that involves a serious case of stolen identity that leads one man into big trouble with the IRS.

With almost identical names, two men have been linked in a serious case of cross-country identity theft.

Eladio Lopez is an American citizen who works as a modestly paid truck driver in New York. Heladio Lopez is a former construction worker in Salem, Oregon, who according to documents, has been ripping off the New Yorker and his social security number.

Now the IRS wants back taxes for both men’s incomes—which have been going on the same IRS account for several years.

The New Yorker, who supports a household of seven, says he’s afraid his bank accounts could be frozen any day now. With fear of the IRS bill mounting to nearly $13,000, the New Yorker needed tax help and turned to Tax Resolution Services to fix the issue.

But in another unfortunate turn, the tax experts at TRS kept getting “the runaround” from a number of authorities, including Salem and New York police officials and the IRS, who said that a stolen social security number is an issue for the Social Security Administration.

After making thousands of dollars under someone else’s name, Heladio Lopez has since moved out of his Salem residence.

“It’s not just the frustration that he’s an illegal immigrant and on the run, it’s the fact that the companies that are legitimate American companies were not cooperating with us to investigate this matter, and to put a stop to it,” said Svetlana Brontveyn, an attorney with Tax Resolution Services.

As for Eladio Lopez, his tax attorneys say it will take several more months to convince the IRS he doesn’t owe the money.

For more information on how you can avoid identity theft, click here or call Tax Resolution Services directly at 866-477-7762.

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