IRS Tax Help for Small Businesses and Self-Employed

As we move into tax season it is important to stay up to date and educated on the current regulations and laws surrounding taxes. By staying educated on important tax issues you can help keep yourself out of future IRS tax problems such as back taxes and tax liens.

To help make the tax process easier for small businesses and the self-employed the IRS has created a tax center on their website, full of incredible information to help when filing your business and personal returns. The Small Business and Self-Employed Tax Center – Your Small Business Advantage helps by giving taxpayers a list of links and information to assist them with all of their filing needs.

Tax help on the site includes:

  • Small business forms publications.
  • Tax information on starting operating and closing a business.
  • IRS videos for information on small business tax needs.
  • Business related news and more.

Stay educated and updated on small business and self-employed tax news by checking out the IRS tax center. Keep yourself out of trouble with the IRS!

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  1. Tips from The TaxMan: Taxable Income, IRS Audits and the “Tax Gap” explained « Big Biz Show Says:

    [...] Independent contractors and small business owners currently hold the dubious distinction of being the largest contributors to the tax gap and are more highly scrutinized by the IRS. The current Administration has resolved to reduce the “tax gap” and intends to hire 1,700 new IRS agents to work in IRS Collection and Audit division. [...]

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