IRS Files Tax Lien Against Accused Baby Killer Who Owes IRS $68,000

Accused of killing her daughter Caylee, Casey Anthony has been in the national spotlight since 2008.

Now, she’s also in the Internal Revenue Service’s spotlight. The IRS has filed a $68,520.41 tax lien against Anthony in Kississmee, Fla.

Anthony was on trial for the murder of her daughter. She was found not guilty.

When the IRS files a tax lien against someone, they mean business.  They use the lien to enforce collection activity for back taxes owed.  Tax liens or levies can impact your personal bank accounts and/or assets and should be dealt with immediately.  Tax Resolution Services offers professional tax help to stop  IRS tax liens, levies or seizures and start you on the path to tax relief.  Call us today at (888) 699-7630 for tax help.

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