IRS Debt Relief News-More from the TRS Files on Resolving Back Taxes, Plus the Most Notorious Celebrity Tax Evasion Stories

One of the worst mistakes a taxpayer can make is to underestimate the power and reach of the IRS.

Recently, we have seen how serious the IRS is about collecting back taxes and penalizing those who have deliberately evaded their tax payments. The truth is, no one is safe from the IRS’s grasp-not even A-list celebrities like the ranks of Wesley Snipes, Pete Rose, Sophia Loren, and many more. These celebrities have faced some severe IRS charges and penalties for evading large sums of tax payments.

While it may be difficult for many taxpayers to directly relate to owing the IRS millions of dollars in back taxes, these celebrity IRS tax evasion stories still teach regular taxpayers a valuable lesson: the IRS will find you if you cheat on your taxes.

It has been a common misconception that the IRS “only goes after the big fish.” This is simply not true. Our team at TRS has compiled an archive of tax resolution stories from regular taxpayers like you who have found themselves caught in IRS problems. Check out Stuart B’s tax resolution story at The TRS Files to learn how everyday taxpayers resolved their IRS debt.

Don’t mistake your chances of getting caught by the IRS. If you think that you may be in IRS trouble, the best thing to do is to be proactive about resolving your tax problems. Many times, the IRS penalties are much more severe if the IRS finds you before you go to them. Get tax help now if you fear that you may be next.

To read more about how you can resolve your IRS tax debt, check out our IRS tax debt relief newsletter.

You can also learn more other tax help tips and advice by checking out our previous IRS tax debt relief newsletters.

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