Great Tax Help Blog – TaxGirl Offers Valuable Insight to Satisfy All Your IRS Curiosities

The tax world can be quite overwhelming for many individuals and businesses. You’re not alone and that’s why there is a lot of easily accessible tax information out there – the key is to filter out what is actually useful! Since offering expert tax relief and tax assistance is my drive and passion, it’s important to keep up with the latest tax news. Keeping an eye out for valuable tax information and reaching more individuals that seek tax help and advice is the primary reason I started this blog. And while I’m thankful for my loyal following of readers, I’d like to take a moment to recommend another tax blog that I find quite useful and entertaining.

I hope you’ll check out – Kelly Phillips Erb is a tax expert whose helpful web site embodies her tagline:  “Because paying taxes is painful… but reading about them shouldn’t be.”

Erb’s blog is a great place to “talk tax” and  find valuable tax resources spanning a vast array of topics. From IRS news to tax pop culture, Kelly offers great content and sources you can access to fill your tax curiosities. I follow Kelly on Twitter @taxgirl.

Kelly started her career as a tax attorney so she knows what she’s talking about! A great feature of her blog is Ask the taxgirl™ where you can direct tax related questions. Other great features of her blog include:

  • taxgirl chat
  • Legal resources
  • Job postings
  • Tax resources and tax blogs does not offer any legal advice or tax attorney services – rather it is a place to read up on tax news and tax happenings – from the latest celebrity tax evasion story to federal tax legislation.   There are several additional blogs I follow for valuable tax information, so feel free to have a look. Also leave a comment if you have other informative tax blogs to recommend.

If you find yourself in need of tax relief and professional tax assistance, you require the services of  a certified tax attorney. Check out our online library of tax help articles to answer any of your pressing tax relief questions and consider the questions you need to ask before hiring expert tax assistance.

Tax Resolution Services is a team of expert tax attorneys, CPAs, and Certified Tax Resolution Specialists who are here to help your IRS tax problems so that you can get the IRS tax relief you need. Give us a call today at 1-866-IRS-PROBLEMS for a free, no-risk tax resolution consultation or visit

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