Firefighter Facing Federal Tax Charges and 30 Years in Prison

A retired Nevada firefighter was convicted on multiple counts of tax evasion and filing a false claim with the Internal Revenue Service.

Dwight C. Jackson, 53, of Henderson, Nev., was convicted of five counts of tax evasion and one count of filing a false and fictitious claim.

According to the charges against Jackson, during the years 2004 through 2008, Jackson was employed as a firefighter with the city of Henderson and earned more than $113,000 each year. The federal income tax he owed for those years was between $22,000 and $29,000. Jackson attempted to evade taxes by understating his wages on his tax return, falsely claiming the earned income tax credit, submitting false W-4 forms with his employer claiming he was exempt from federal tax withholdings, and concealing his income from the IRS. For the year 2009, Jackson presented a false income tax return stating that he earned no wages in 2009 when he had earned $247,492.

Jackson carried out his scheme with the help of a James Mattatall, a member of the fringe sovereign citizen movement. Sovereign citizens believe government taxation is illegitimate.

He faces up to 30 years in prison and fines of up to $1.5 million.

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