Famous Attorney Continues to Win Cases… From the Grave

As noted in the Forbes article by William P. Barrett, From The Grave, Tax Lawyer To Rich Beats IRS Again, the memorable Chicago lawyer Burton W. Kanter continues to win case after case against the Internal Revenue Service even after death.

Kanter was one of the leading attorneys in the United States and senior editor of the Journal of Taxation.  He is famous for escaping years of his own federal income taxes and for providing tax relief to Hollywood bigwigs and multi-million dollar families such as the Pritzkers.

Kanter offered major tax relief to the Pritzker family. He negotiated an offer in compromise that allowed them to pay the IRS $9 million instead of the $150 million the IRS sought.  Due to Kanter’s reliable attorney services, there are now 11 Pritzkers on the Forbes list of the 400 richest Americans.

Recently, a Chicago federal appeals court ruled that Kanter’s estate does not owe the $40 million in back taxes the IRS requested from accrued “interest and penalties on income tax dating back decades to Kanter’s years as a high-profile crafter of tax planning strategies and tax shelters for the wealthy.”  Thus, the late lawyer wins yet another case.

But the fight isn’t over yet.  Kanter’s estate is combating yet another IRS tax lien on the $165,000 profit made from the sale of a condo previously owned by Kanter’s late wife, Naomi.  It seems like the accusations of tax fraud and numerous IRS audits seem to be never ending for Kanter.

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