False Tax Claim Gets Man 4 Years in Prison

A Georgia man received four years in prison after being found guilty at trial of interfering with the administration of the revenue laws and of making a false claim for a $1.7 million tax refund.

According to court records, Donus R. Sroufe filed a tax return for 2008 that claimed a refund of $1.7 million. On the tax return, Sroufe falsely claimed to have received $2.5 million from a U.S. Treasury bond and that he had paid $2.6 million in federal taxes. In fact, the $2.5 million bond was a fake and Mr. Sroufe had not paid any income taxes for 2008.

In April 2009, the IRS notified Sroufe that his 2008 tax return was “frivolous.” Then, in June 2009, two IRS agents met with Sroufe and notified him that the $2.5 million bond appeared to be a fake.

Despite the warnings, Sroufe in August 2009 mailed an identical copy of the 2008 tax return to the Treasury Department, including a copy of the fake $2.5 million bond, and demanded a $1.7 million tax refund.

“The prison time received by Mr. Sroufe should serve as a strong warning that tough punishment awaits those who embark on a similar criminal path,” Veronica Hyman-Pillot, Special Agent in Charge IRS Criminal Investigation, said in a statement.

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